Desire to Begin Your Inner Journey

    There tend to be three general paths that motivate the inner journey:

    Pain: Life dead-ends in one way or another for you, either slowly or suddenly: crisis, divorce, death, illness, job loss, a feeling of deadness. Pain brings you to your knees. Pain pushes you forward. The old answers don’t work anymore. Everything is falling apart. Now what? There is a need to explore new territory and find new answers. The broken heart is the doorway to the Inner Self.

    Searching: You are a person who is searching, curious, always growing and expanding, developing your potential and wanting to know more. You are driven from within, with a natural yearning and excitement to explore and become all that you can be. You are open-minded, love to learn, and thrive as you learn.

    Joy: You’ve experienced an incredible moment of awe, wonder, love, inspiration, creativity, accomplishment, connectedness that has you feeling alive with a whole new energy. Everything is brighter, everything feels great! You want to know more about this feeling. You want to be able to recreate this incredible, amazing energy and be in it all the time. Joy pulls you forward. You want more. You ask, “How can I live in this amazing energy and perspective all the time?”

“It is not possible to resolve our problems or issues in life if we do

not know who we are.   Knowing ourselves is the foundation to

understanding what we do, why we do it and how to change."

-- Andrew Schneider




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