About Caterina

I was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, a beautiful university town built around 3 lakes formed by glaciers so long ago. Growing up, I was very aware of the Native American history of the area, frequently playing near the Indian Mounds and on the “Indian trails” along the lake shore just a few blocks from my house. The natural beauty of the woods and lakes and the rhythm of the 4 seasons fed my soul.

My Norwegian grandmother and me

My American heritage was an interesting mixture of old and new, with my mother’s side dating back to Mayflower days and my father’s parents being immigrants from Norway. I was touched with the love in my father’s and grandmother’s voice, with her strong accent, when they would call me Caterina, the Norwegian of Catherine, my legal birth name. On my mother’s side, I would hear stories of strong, wise, intuitive women dating back to early Salem, Massachusetts and Vermont.

Two other life shaping events for me:

I was the oldest child, with two younger brothers. When I was 12 yrs. old,  my life turned upset down by a family tragedy. My father was in the hospital and caught a staph.. infection that destroyed his optic nerve and left him totally blind. He was near death numerous times throughout my teen years. Both my parents modeled incredible strength and resource fullness, picking up the pieces and recreating life. This was a time they both lived by “Higher Vision” and learned to see inwardly.

  • staying briefly with a wonderful family in Monterrey, Mexico my senior year in high school, in a home that was older than the United States
  • living in an incredible international, interfaith community my junior year in college that opened my world to an international perspective and awareness

I lived in Madison from birth through graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, marrying after my junior year.  After graduating, my husband Tom and I moved to Delaware 2 yrs., then Florida 7 yrs., then Texas, following his job changes. I’ve had the good fortune of being able to travel to Europe three times, Canada, Mexico, and Hawaii, all expanding my life perspective.

In my 20’s

I have a passion for water, that my mother passed on to me. Some of my fondest memories are sailing in the Chesapeake Bay, Florida and two windjammer cruises out of Maine and the Virgin Islands.

Mom at 80 years

Mom at the pier, with her  zest for life showing!

Sailing in Florida in my 20’s. I carved the mermaid.

As like most people, life has brought me some real ups and downs. I was married for 20 years, then after a job layoff, Tom decided to go a totally different direction with his life and left the marriage, moving to Oregon and remarrying. My 40’s brought single parenting, daughter’s medical challenges and an incredible number of deaths of people in her life. .

At the same time, each trauma brought a spiritual gift for me that was amazing. There is a saying that “the broken heart is the doorway to the soul”. This certainly proved true for me during those years. The depth and wisdom that I bring to my work comes directly out of all the challenges. These years proved transformational in developing my personal HigherVision and understanding the steps to creating inner peace

I’ve been blessed by my soul-sister friend, KeiLin, who generously helps make my visions a reality in projects like “Let There Be Light!”, a global peace project or here at “Creating a Caring Community” for San Antonio.

I remarried a few months after my daughter married and have started the next chapter in my life. Thanks to Rick and KeiLin this web site becomes a reality.

This story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Flipper, our faithful, sweet dog from l987-2002. She brought us ever present love, comfort, laughter and enthusiasm for 16 years, reminding us to not take things too seriously.

I have a passion for learning and have a kazillion books. I love to share what I have learned. I feel incredibly blessed by the spiritual wisdom that I have gained and grown to understand. My life is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives I touch. I want to leave the world better off because I have been here.

For work history, see resume

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