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While Living In a Crazy

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Yet Beautiful World

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I know that we’d work well together?

    A: I offer a 30 min., “get acquainted” session, at no charge, for us to determine if 

           we are a good match for what you are looking for and what I offer.

    Q: If I decide to start coaching what length of commitment do I have to make?

    A: I tend to be flexible about this. We can discuss this together and determine

           what best meets your needs.

    Q: Is coaching done in person or by phone?

    A: Both. Most often, coaching is done by phone. That flexibility and

           convenience is one of the benefits of coaching. However, if you live in the

           same area, meeting in person is an option if you prefer this. Some do a

           combination of both.

    Q: What about e-mail for communicating?

    A: Frequently, e-mail is also used to communicate.

    Q: How frequently are coaching sessions scheduled and how long are they?

    A: This can be flexible and is determined together by the coach and client as to

           what best fits your needs, lifestyle and schedule.

    Q: What do you charge?

    A: My usual coaching fee is $90.00 an hour, $75.00 for 45 min. or $50.00 for 30

         min. Discounts are available for those who choose to contract for 3-4 months

         at a time.

    Q: When and how do I pay?

    A: My preference is to pay at the beginning of the month, for that month. You

         can do this online or mail a check to me at:

         Caterina Arends, 3740 Colony Dr., #260, San Antonio, TX 78230

    Q: Who do you work with?

    A: I believe that I am meant to work with those who cross my path. I believe

           there are no “accidents”. That if we meet, we are meant to.

    Q: What if I have other questions?

    A: Feel free to contact me. I welcome your questions. Either call 210-325-6780

         and leave a message or send an e-mail with COACHING INQUIRY in the

         subject heading.

    Note:  For additional Q&A see brochure

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