HigherVision Coaching

Phone: 210-325-6780

Finding Inner Peace

Caterina MA, LPC, LMFT


While Living In a Crazy

Specializing in personal and

Certified Coach, IAC-CC, CVCC

Yet Beautiful World

spiritual transformation

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How Do I Start?

  • Contact me by phone (210-325-6780) or text me (subject heading: COACHING INQUIRY) to set up your free 30 minute “Let’s talk and get acquainted” session.
  • After that session contact me for the Intake Packet which will include. Please fill them in and email  to me:
  1. Agreement form
  2. Intake information
  3. Personal Questionnaire
  4. Life Balance Wheel
  5. Call prep form (optional, but recommended)

Mailing Address:

Caterina Arends

14010 Rocky Pine Woods

San Antonio, TX, 78249 USA

Pat yourself on the back for taking this step for yourself and your life!

Appreciate and enjoy your unique and special journey!

  • Set up the date and time with me for your first full coaching session. Be sure to note the time zone difference.

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