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Finding Inner Peace

Caterina MA, LPC, LMFT


While Living In a Crazy

Specializing in personal and

Certified Coach, IAC-CC, CVCC

Yet Beautiful World

spiritual transformation

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    About Caterina

    My personal story with photos

    2005 CoachVille Graduates

    Caterina graduated with highest honors from the first graduating class from CoachVille at  the 4th Annual CoachVille conference in May, 2005.  She was one of the first three to complete CoachVille Coaching Certification (CVCC).

    TLC Certified + CCVC (highest honors)
    Terri Zelenak (valedictorian)
    Carmen Cordova
    Caterina Arends

    Jean Johnson
    Lorie Jendryka
    Carol Zimmerman

    Simon Lee
    Raymond Ramotar
    Sara Dolliver
    Dovid Grossman


    For work history, see resume

    (in Adobe Acrobat format)

    Soul Portrait


    My personal story as timeline

    Free, blank timeline form for you. What’s your story? (in Adobe Acrobat format)

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